Monday, August 1, 2011

Capua Ampitheater

One of the many benefits of living in Naples, Italy is that there is so much to explore and see in our surrounding area.  We visited the Capua Ampitheater which is supposed to only be approximately a 30 minute drive from where we live, but the GPS decided to take us somewhere else.  Luckily, we were in the vicinity and saw signs along the way.  One of the reasons I wanted to see this amphitheater is because I watched the Spartacus series and wanted to see where he fought and where he began his revolt.  In looking for directions I also learned that this amphitheater is the second largest (Rome's Coliseum being the largest).  The entrance fee to get in was only 2.50 euro and we were able to find great parking right in front of the entrance. 

One of the many passage ways underground

Pretending to be a spectator (^_^)
We went on a perfect day when there was almost no one around.  We were able to go all around the grounds of the amphiteater, which we couldn't do when we visited the Coliseum in Rome.  We were only allowed to see specific sections.  I think the most interesting part was to get to go underground to see the subterranean passage ways.  I still can't believe that I get to see this stuff!  Getting to see ruins from ancient history blows my mind.  I feel so lucky to be fortunate enough to live here.  If you ever get to come to visit the Naples area this is a great piece of history to come and see.  It was a good day trip and we finished it off with a scrumptious dinner at a local restaurant that serves their food fresh from their farm where the actual restaurant is located.  I'll make a separate post on that later.  Hope you enjoyed the photos!  Ciao for now!


  1. This is AWESOME! I bet you are loving living there for the time being :) I recently started hosting a "Marriage Mondays" series on my blog. I would love to have you link up and tell me of your experiences being a military wife :)

  2. Lovely place and lovely pictures! I would LOVE to visit one day...

    Thanks for sharing and following my blog! :D


  3. Wow rome is truly a majestic place!full of history and beauty. :)



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